Berger has set up call center to receive calls from select dealer network as in-bound calls passing on lead opportunities of any projects that are coming up as a new project or re-painting opportunity. These calls will be entered in the system providing the dealer code, Lead Details, Contact details size of deal etc. later the out-bound calls can also be made and recorded in the system.
The following are the functionalities provided in this application.
♦ The leads will be assigned to the respective DG's automatically based on the depot location of the dealer. The DG - Demand Generator will find more lead details relating to the project like the site details, area for painting exterior/ interior, contact details, competition and tentative closure date.
♦ DG will verify the details and update the status from 'New' to Verified. He will also link and assign the BDO, RSM, BDM though the system will allocate such details through a work flow. In case the lead is false, the same will be dropped with a reason by DG.
♦ The SO will take this lead and follow up with the prospect and convert the lead and close the same. The deal, if lost to competition, the status has to suitably updated. He will also update the product data sheet and give necessary rebates which cannot exceed 5 per ltr/kg.
♦ The rebate has to be approved by RSM.
♦ On completion of the project the BDM/BDO will update the actual quantity billed in the product data sheet
♦ The BDM will make a request for projects which are completed after verifying the actual volume billed and request HO accounts to approve CN 59 Credit Notes. No change to actual volume can be done after the approval by BDM.
♦ The HO Accounts will then approve such projects CN 59 and release the same to the depots
♦ After such HO approvals and release, an excel file will be generated and this will be uploaded in ORACLE EBS. This can also be uploaded in the application for tracking.
♦ Plan to generate a Dashboard tracking such leads is also planned
♦ Once this is implemented, the system can also generate an incentive statement for BDO, DG & BDMs based on logic provided by Berger Marketing.
♦ This application will Provide a more efficient method for managing the leads and execution of such projects and account the rebates sanctioned
♦ Increase the efficiency of Data Gathering and Reporting Process.
♦ It is possible to generate at a later date dealer wise business generated during any period.
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